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Variety’s Come One Come All ‘Under the Big Top’ Gold Heart Gala

Saturday, May 9, 2015
Delta Winnipeg Hotel - 2nd Floor Grand Ballroom
5:30 pm – 12:00 am

This event is no longer active.

Variety is celebrating 37 years of generous support from caring Manitobans like you. Our mission is to inspire hope, enrich lives and build a better future for Manitoba’s children of all abilities. Families who find themselves managing unexpected challenges, whether developmental or physical are grateful for the support they receive. With your support, we can give a child a childhood.

Sponsorship opportunities for this evening offer a great prospect to enhance your corporate profile by partnering with a globally recognized charity focused on supporting children all across Manitoba. With donations and sponsorships like yours we are able to provide many items and support for children all across the province. Items like laptops and ipads to help their learning abilities, AED’s for their home in case of an emergency, a smile from a clown to help turn frowns upside down when at the hospital. All these things are reasons why you can be a part of the solution for many Manitoban children. Thank you for helping Variety make a difference in the life of a child.

Variety’s Come One Come All ‘Under the Big Top’ Gold Heart Gala is going to be an evening to remember! Lets celebrate Variety’s entertainment roots all while supporting many Variety children.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities please contact: Ashley Irwin at 204-982-1050 or email [email protected]

Delta Winnipeg Hotel - 2nd Floor Grand Ballroom
2-1313 Border Street
Winnipeg, MB

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