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Toasting Winnipeg with WPG Cycle and Orangetheory Fitness

Friday, February 17, 2017
7:30 am – 9:00 am

This event is no longer active.


Toasting Winnipeg with WPG Cycle and OrangeTheory Fitness has been moved from Jan. 18 to Feb. 17 due to conflicts in our event schedule.

It’s a brand new year – which means fitness and health is top of mind for most. Join us for our first event of 2017 where we will welcome WPG Cycle and Orange Theory, two new fitness studios who are changing the game of fitness in our city with their unique and group-oriented workouts.


Christy Weiss, Founder & Inspirator, WPG CYCLE

On a Christmas visit home almost three years ago, Christy Weiss realized that the Winnipeg fitness scene hadn’t yet caught on to her new favourite workout. Sure there were a handful of spin classes at local gyms, but nothing like what she had experienced while living in Calgary. She craved the music, the team spirit, the sense of accomplishment and freedom that came along with a particular kind of indoor cycling class. Christy’s passion for spin is obvious, yet when her husband Jamie Murray suggested they open a studio in her hometown, she thought he was joking.

Christy, already in the midst of a career transition, knew that she wanted to do something wellness-related but wasn’t sure what. “I’ve always loved all the jobs I’ve had but I’d never been completely fulfilled. I just want to inspire people to move, be healthy” she explains. After some consideration the couple returned to Winnipeg from Alberta and began the search for the perfect location to make their dream of bringing a new fitness vision to Winnipeg a reality.

WPG Cycle opened their doors in October 2016 and both Christy and Jamie have thrown themselves into making WPG Cycle the very best; mind, body and soul. They both lead classes as Inspirators and they admit that the never-ending search for the perfect spin song has leaked over into their
personal lives.

Megan Gabert, Owner of Orangetheory Fitness Sage Creek
I am currently the owner and operator of Orangetheory Fitness Sage Creek.

I discovered Orangetheory Fitness while I was living in Edmonton. At the time, I had a membership at the YMCA and would workout during my lunch hour about 3-4 times per week, but I was not seeing any results. I would go on the elliptical for 45 min, read a magazine the whole time, barely break a sweat, do a few arm exercises and I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing weight or seeing more tone in my muscles.

Once my membership was done there, I decided to try something new. I had heard a few of my friends rave about Orangetheory Fitness on Facebook so I thought I would give it a try. I went for my first class and had the best workout of my life in only one hour. The concept is so intuitive and so easy to follow I knew that Orangetheory Fitness was where I needed to be to get my results, finally! Within 2 months I had slimmed down my stomach fat, had more definition in my arms and legs, and felt energized.

I put in my 30 days notice at Orangetheory Fitness in Edmonton before we moved and I expressed my disappointment that there wasn’t a location in Winnipeg and the Studio Manager there said to me “Why don’t you open one?”.  This was a question that would change my life forever. I thought to myself, “Yes!”

A little about my background: I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Victoria in 1998 and have over 15 years’ experience working at the management level in several large corporations. I have been married for 12 years to my husband, Russ, and we have three young children: Abby (8), Eric (8) and Ava (5).

237 McDermot Avenue

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