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Chapter Meetings

South Chapter Meeting

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Thanks to our sponsor

Thank you to those who attended today’s South Chapter.

Acupuncture Clinic
Cathie Chapman’s Mary Kay Cosmetics
Clear Concepts
Coffee News
Costwise Business Consulting
Crosstown Credit Union
Crosstown Credit Union
Dancing Diva Parties
Eat-On Samosa
Emterra Environmental
Holiday Inn & Suites
Hy international Developments Inc.
Instant Imprints
Judy Mathieson Ltd.
Manitoba Start
Mikuska Group Inc.
My Little Secret
Phoenix Recycling
Prairie Yogi Inc.
Prophet Business Group Ltd.
RE/MAX Professionals
Realtime Wireless Networks
Solara Remote Data Delivery
Southern Community Dental Care
SV Benefits
The Pretzel Place
The UPS Store
University of Manitoba
Usana Health Sciences
Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
Winnipeg’s Creative Studio
Winplus International
ZEV Custom Apparel
Bei Jing
Cathie Chapman
Laura Wittig
Alastair Gillespie
James Bloomfield
Ling Chan
Louise Flood
Carolyne Braid
P. Manika
Kristin Houle
Rhonda Sumner
Yang Qin
Betty Alexander
Judy Mathieson
Terry Buhay
Laura Mikuska
Sheila Farago
George Koutroubis
Rachelle Taylor
Jon Martin
Barry Lee
Geoff Hill
Tom Tessier
Dr. Xiaofeng Guan
Jerod Rathbone
Sue Leclair
Barry Lee
Tyler MacAfee
Paul  Rohatensky
Art Alexander
Christine Ens
Deborah Woodbeck
Erin Stagg
Loren Remillard
Christine Turczyn
Jade Wang
Mary Waywood

315 Chancellor Matheson Road
Winnipeg, MB

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