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Chapter Meetings

South Chapter Meeting

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Estevan Jerez – River City Ford Fleet Manager

Topic – What’s new in cars and with Fleets ? 

Thank you to those who attended the South Chapter meeting.

Company Name
Au Set
Comforts of Home Care Inc.
G & G Industrial
highstyle Smart Marketing Solutions
Karen Turner Accounting
Manitoba Start
Mayart – Branding Smart
Nomad Digital
Northern Sparrow Shuttle & Freight
One Great Spa by Giselles
Phoenix Recycling
River City Ford
Siddha Param Business Consultant
Swimming Tigress Music
Usana Health Sciences
Usana Health Sciences
Usana Health Sciences
Victoria General Hospital Foundation
Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
ZEV Custom Apparel
George Koutroubis
Beth Syrnyk
Donna Tyler
Gordon Bade
Michael Debroni
Karen Turner
Terry Buhay
Maya Shapiro
Damon Surzyshyn 
Scott Stroh
Diane Sidebottom
Darlene Savage
Grace Thorney
Esteban Jerez
Siddha Param
Tiffany Prochera
Dave Waters
Deanna Waters
Paul Rohatensky
Erin Girouard
Art Alexander
Mary Waywood

1034 Elizabeth Rd.
Winnipeg, MB

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