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Ramp Up MB Meetup: Making Bank on Physical Products in the Digital World

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
RRC Roblin Centre 160 Princess Street GWL Lecture Theatre (Room A104)
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Keyote Speakers : Adam Tsouris and Gord Parke speaking on “Bridging the Gap Between Making it and Selling it”. Co-Founders of PPG Technologies, a company that seeks to harness the processing power of mobile and handheld devices and integrate with advanced sensor driven hardware components. including SkyPro which has sold over 75,000 units across North America and the UK and is now on shelves at Apple retail stores.
ACE Project Space explained – gain access to RRC computing co-op students as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence

Traction Insights (What you’ve accomplished and what you learned)
(Five minutes each)
Havana Controls, Mike Legary’s custom industrial controls accessible to web and mobile devices, Huh? Running a control system from your phone, prototyped using single board computing.
The Clipper, Greg Moneta and Jesse Marr bring insight to their $150K December crowdfunding campaign and visiting a B2B counter culture trade show
Tap Trap – RUW8 winners and Pitch Day Winners update us on the wild ride and explain why “hardware sucks”
Farm Track will bring insight into when blending hardware and software, you are working at a hardware’s pace and “designing hardware is absurd.”
Oi Furniture’s insights into exploring different sales channels
Neil Evenson, BetaLocker Systems updates us on commercializing IoT

Open Mic with YOU! Let us know before start if you want to share a traction update/insight

RRC Roblin Centre 160 Princess Street GWL Lecture Theatre (Room A104)
160 Princess Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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