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Pursue the Purse!

Thursday, December 17, 2015
Deer Lodge Community Center located at 323 Bruce Avenue, St. James, Winnipeg.
3:00 pm – 10:00 pm

December, a month that is filled with many emotions! For many good but for some; not so good. It is a time of financial hardship, loneliness and a feeling of being on your own when so many are filled with joy and cheer! Regardless where we are in life I would like to do a giving back of sorts to those in need.

I am calling it the Pursue the Purse Drive!

• to follow and try to catch or capture (someone or something) for usually a long distance or time
• to try to get or do (something) over a period of time
• to be involved in (an activity)

• usually leather or cloth bag used by women for carrying money and personal things

On Thursday, December 17, 2015 a Public Drop Off/ Packing Party will be held at Deer Lodge Community Club, located at 323 Bruce Avenue in St. James. The event starts at 3:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend and donate!

Got a purse that you don’t use at home…. either do this on your own or drop off at Deer Lodge Community Center, 323 Bruce Avenue and we will fill the purses with donated snacks, safety and sanitary products, personal hygiene items, maybe a pair of gloves with the cold weather upon us, travel size items and gift certificates from Winnipeg based businesses.

Anything will be accepted that can fit into a purse and will allow someone in need to pursue something that the day before may not have seemed possible!

If anyone knows of people of generosity or businesses that can donate items, I plea with you to pass this on and accept donations for this event.

My wish is to see this take off beyond my control which would be awesome!

We can make a difference together! Pursue the Purse Drive!

Please friends, think of others this winter, we have purses that we do not use that someone truly can make use of. Think of what this can do for someone… lift their spirits; look more professional for a job interview or just being able to have something that they can call their own!

I can be reached at (204) 782-3864 if anyone would like to make a donation and can not attend the event on Thursday, December 17th, please call me to make arrangements if pick-up is required.
Email: [email protected]

Thank you in advance and please feel free to invite others to take part in the Pursue the Purse Drive!

Deer Lodge Community Center located at 323 Bruce Avenue, St. James, Winnipeg.
323 Bruce Avenue
Winnipeg, MB

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