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Chapter Meetings

North Chapter Meeting

Wednesday, November 5, 2014
4:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Speaker: Rob Lauze
Owner, ACN Independent Representative

Thank you to those who attended this North Chapter meeting.

Company Name
ACN Independent Business Owner
Bison Fire Protection Inc.
Canada Connect Immigration Consulting
Clearly InSight
Clearly InSight
Clearly InSight
Coffee News
Comforts of Home Care Inc.
Elite Communications
Emterra Environmental
Get About Auto Repairs
High Hopes Communications
Instant Imprints
Manitoba Foster Family Network Inc
NRM Telecom & Security Services
Quality Living Network
Realtime Wireless Networks
Rene’s Courier Service
Turnbull Building Maintenance
Wellness News
Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
ZEV Custom Apparel
Robert Lauze
George Koutroubis
Rob  Read
Jacques Therrien
Brent Williams
Gary Williams
Harry Smeaton
Arlette Bateman
Donna Tyler
Phil  Hepner
Cissie Chan
Carl Hutman
Brian Campbell
Brad Pachkowski
Ron Owen
Candace  Bennett
James Bloomfield
Robert Klassen
Geoff Hill
Renee Lawson
Colin Turnbull
Mark Tustin
Art Alexander
Mary  Waywood

2100 McPhillips St.
Winnipeg, MB

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