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BOLD Breakfasts

BOLD Breakfast – Energy

Thursday, October 30, 2014
12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

BOLD Breakfast – Energy Policy

Join us for our first BOLD Breakfast of the season—an informal panel discussion to bolster discussion on issues important to Winnipeg. With the next federal election slated for October 2015, now is our opportunity to advance a BOLD Canada agenda that will reestablish strategic Canadian global leadership.

Our first topic is energy policy and our panelists are:

Ron Diduch, President and CEO, Sequoia Energy
Matt Hudson, CEO, Invenia Technical Computing
Alex Stuart, VP of Development, Sycamore Energy Inc

Each of the panelists will have five minutes to present their thoughts on the topic, culminating with a suggested bold idea for energy policy in Canada. Following the panel segment, audience members will have an opportunity to ask the panelists questions and contribute their own bold ideas and thoughts.

The discussion and ideas from the event will be captured to assist The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce prepare recommendations for a BOLD Canada platform in the upcoming federal election.

100 Youville St.
Winnipeg, MB

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