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Welcome to today’s CODE Conference

Other Resources:

  1. Download social media graphics
    1. Version 1: I’m Attending!
    2. Version 2: We’re Attending!
  2. Learn more about speakers and afternoon sessions. Click Here.
  3. Read 7 Ways to Prepare for the CODE Conference
  4. Dr. Rehman’s– Celebrating Everything: A Guide to Improving Inclusion Through Celebration. Download File.
  5. Interested in learning more about CODE? Click Here.


  1. Have Questions? Find staff and volunteers with a CODE lanyard that says: “Ask Me Anything.”
  2. Need support during the conference?
    Looking for a quiet space? Head over to our Well-Being Space hosted by Elmwood Community Resource Center located in the Carlton Lobby – first floor.
    Need someone to talk to? We have an on-site counsellor available throughout the day. Charlene (counsellor) can be reached by texting (431) 275-2290 or by visiting the Well-Being Space and leaving your name and cell phone number.

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