What Winnipeggers want to hear from Premier Pallister

November 20, 2017
On Thursday, December 7 Premier Pallister returns for his second State of the Province Address after an ambitious promise to drive a “Manitoba miracle” – a reversal of our financial trajectory that invites everyone on board.
The Winnipeg Chamber asked some of our members what questions they’ll bring with them as 1,300 community leaders gather to hear details on the government’s economic plan. What question would you ask?


Jessica Dumas, President, Prime Image Life Coaching

In order for an individual to contribute a healthy work effort to growing an economy, basic needs such as water, housing, safety and more, is needed. The Indigenous community wants to contribute to a better Manitoba. I hope that the Manitoba Premier speaks to a provincial response to the Calls to Action and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, specifically with regards to the Indigenous workforce and training needs in Call to Action #92.


John Proven, COO, Conviron

I believe people would appreciate an update from the Premier on the key initiatives identified within the November 2016 Throne Speech.  I reviewed its contents recently and noted such new initiatives as the Economic Growth and Development Plan, the creation of a Premier’s Enterprise Team, the development of measures of return on investment from Infrastructure investments and so forth.  I am interested to know how these initiatives and others identified are advancing.


Dan Blair, Founder, Bit Space Development

​Why is the provincial government shrinking its support to innovation, technology and creative industries when these are knowledge-based industries with a young labour force where these positions are jobs of the future? Especially considering the federal government is adding incentives to both innovation and creative industries nationally?


Terry Brown, Partner, Legacy Bowes Group

How is the Province of Manitoba promoting reconciliation?
What is the greatest opportunity for economic growth in the province?
How will the province address the needs of the North?
What’s next in health care?


Hipolito Alibin Jr., CFO, Trivenity Corporation

In the province’s November 10, 2017 economic highlights reports for the 12 months to June 30, 2017, the net international in-migration was estimated at 13,661.  With this data, it is evident there are a opportunities to increase the province’s number of entrepreneurs and capital resource in contributing to the growth of our economy.

Would the current government engage in a special initiative in assisting and increasing the number of new immigrants, who has the business experience and capital means, to start their own businesses in Manitoba?

Would the current government examine the possibility of establishing a provincial micro-lending program geared to increase the access to capital for small businesses in Manitoba, similar to the humble beginnings of ATB Financial of Alberta and Fonds de solidarité FTQ of Quebec?


Liz Choi, Chief Strategy Officer & EVP Business Development, ECG Education Group Canada

Canada has realized great success in attracting international students having surpassed its national student recruitment target to date. International Education is a $12B industry which is bigger than wheat and lumber exports, and Manitoba has only about a 2% market share (according to 2014 data). I believe Manitoba has an opportunity to create a renewed Provincial International Education Strategy that would position us as a preferred destination for international students. Such strategy will contribute to enhancing Manitoba’s global competitiveness. I hope to hear our Premier address the potential on this untapped opportunity and how it can impact Manitoba’s economy.


Rob Read, Owner, Bison Fire Protection

Will the government be looking at a local procurement strategy? This type of strategy will allow growth for local business, and ensure long term employment for our youth entering the workplace.


Tickets are on sale now for the State of the Province Address, one of the largest, most influential events in Winnipeg’s business calendar.

Join us Thursday, December 7 as we reflect on a year of change in our province – and look at the road ahead.