What we’re watching at the Manitoba legislature’s “season opener”

October 4, 2017

​Today isn’t just opening day for the Jets and the NHL, but the Manitoba Legislative Assembly resumes sitting today as well. The same members are returning, but there have been some position changes.

In August, the Premier shuffled his cabinet. Today will be the first question period for those ministers with new portfolios, as well as the first question period for Wab Kinew as the new Leader of the Official Opposition. There is certainly lots of potential issues for them to debate, such as medical service premiums and fiscal performance reports.

While big questions remain about where the economic development strategy is, and what will a “Made-in-Manitoba” carbon price look like, there are few things we know for sure. Several pieces of legislation were held over, amongst them one that would enable ride sharing services such as Uber to come to Winnipeg. The mayor has encouraged all provincial legislators to pass the legislation, but such unanimous approval is rare. That legislation is one your Chamber will monitor closely as it moves through the process.

The resumption of the legislative assembly won’t garner a national TV broadcast like the Jets, but can guarantee your Chamber will be there to ensure the voice of business is heard on Broadway.


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