Want a career on the ribbon road?

April 27, 2017
Now is a great time to get your career on track through the railway conductor program at Red River College.
“After a slowdown in the industry, the railways are growing again and as a result hiring conductors,” says Bruce Bishop, program manager, Industry and Transportation, RRC. “And with the pending retirement of baby boomers that all industries are facing, the time is now.”

The RRC railway conductor program is the only college program in Canada accredited by the Railway Association of Canada. Students in the 15-week program will gain knowledge in safety, business, communications and wellness with the management of trains, including switching and marshalling cars, transporting dangerous goods, performing inspections, copying authorities and keeping records, all within the context of the Canadian rail operating rules and railway general operating instructions.

Students will perform the functions of a railway conductor, including performing shop track brake tests on locomotives, applying hand brakes on stationary and moving equipment, switching cars from one track to another, sequencing cars and other routine activities.

“What other course can you jump on a train and do the work that needs to be done on the train?” says Clark Bodoano, a graduate of RRC. “Not too many courses offer that hands-on learning and training.”

As a pre-employment training program, this program is designed for those who want to improve their opportunity to secure an interview.

“In most cases, the railways come to RRC and interview our graduating students,” says Bishop.

Students who want to increase the likelihood of passing the internal training programs — the program has been designed and developed in co-operation with the railway industry, under the guidance of representatives from railway companies in Canada.  After achieving conductor designation, graduates may find employment opportunities at Canada’s two main railways, as well as more opportunities available as locomotive engineers, yardmasters, switch tenders and management jobs.

The next start dates are May 29 and September 11, 2017.

To find out more on the railway conductor program, attend one of the upcoming info sessions on May 3 or May 10.