Uber, rules and outcomes in Winnipeg

March 22, 2017
The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce has long been an advocate of ride sharing services being welcomed into our province and city, so it’s no surprise we’re extraordinarily pleased with Manitoba’s new efforts to modernize our vehicles for hire rules. It’s a move that increases competition – driving innovation – and expands options for consumers.
Putting the regulation of this industry into the hands of municipalities – where the industry takes place – is a wise choice and we look forward to working with the Mayor and Council. We’re particularly hopeful Winnipeg chooses to regulate outcomes of ride sharing, rather than business models.

Lyft, Uber and other organizations operate using different models than traditional taxis. It’s possible a new innovation is just around the corner that will further disrupt city transportation.  That’s where innovation lies. If we regulate business models as opposed to outcomes, it’ll have a dampening effect on the industry and our hopes for improved transport in Winnipeg.