“Uber in Winnipeg” study pushes for change

January 16, 2017


The Winnipeg Chamber is reviewing an MNP study that was recently conducted by Manitoba’s Taxicab Board. The study encourages the Province of Manitoba and the Taxicab Board to develop ride-sharing regulations, similar to those adopted by Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, among a handful of other Canadian cities.

The report states that current taxi laws won’t prevent Uber from operating as a dispatch service, but that drivers will require a taxi driver’s licence as well as a business licence. The MNP study was launched under the direction of the last provincial government to consult the public and stakeholders about the future of the industry.

The Winnipeg Chamber encourages all levels of government to carefully consider best practices from other jurisdictions that have introduced appropriate regulations in order to adapt to the needs and realities of the sharing economy. From Airbnb to Lyft and Uber – as well as other sharing economy services – the emergence of this new class of services appears poised to stick around for the long haul as public demand grows. Stay tuned as this conversation evolves.