Three reasons you (yes, you!) should attend our blockchain luncheon

April 2, 2019


The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce’s membership luncheon coming up on April 26 is all about blockchain, and how the technology is poised to change business – for the better – in Winnipeg.
If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to attend, consider these three opportunities you’ll have if you do:

1) Learn how blockchain could elevate your business

The thing about blockchain is because it was originally conceptualized to power the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, many people think blockchain is either synonymous with Bitcoin, or only holds relevance to the finance industry.

In reality, blockchain’s security and convenience simply made it a natural fit for cryptocurrency, but the technology can be integrated across virtually all sectors, industries and businesses.

The best way to find out how your business could benefit from incorporating blockchain is to hear real world examples of major organizations successfully using blockchain to secure and streamline its data.

2) Connect with the leading experts in the field

IBM was a true pioneer when it came to blockchain research and integration, opening a dedicated blockchain innovation centre in Singapore in 2016. The experts at IBM have written hundreds of publicly accessible articles on nearly every imaginable aspect and function of blockchain, and know the technology inside and out.

At our luncheon, you’ll have access to IBM’s senior technology leader Chris Kirby, who is delivering the event’s keynote presentation.

No matter your blockchain knowledge level, Chris has the answers to all of your questions.

3) Network with like-minded business leaders

The response to this luncheon has been incredible so far, and we are expecting upwards of 350 attendees, who all have (at least) one thing in common; they want to learn how to harness blockchain to make their business more secure, more efficient, more competitive, and more successful.

If you want the same thing for your business, join your peers on Friday, April 26 at the Delta Hotel for How Blockchain will change Winnipeg.

Membership Luncheon
How Blockchain will Change Winnipeg

Friday, April 26
11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Delta Hotels by Marriott