Three reasons to attend the Bank of Canada luncheon

April 11, 2019


The Canadian Credit Union Association is hosting its 2019 national conference in Winnipeg this year, taking place May 5 – 8 at the RBC Convention Centre.
As a part of the conference, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce is proud to host a special VIP luncheon on May 6, featuring a conversation with the Governor of the Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz.

It can be tricky to figure out how the Bank of Canada’s decision might impact you or your business, so here are three easy-to-understand reasons to consider attending this luncheon:

1) Learn about what the Bank of Canada does, and why you should care

According to a survey conducted by the Bank of Canada in 2018, roughly 31 per cent of Canadians feel like they have a good understanding of how our economy works, and the factors that influence it. However, the same survey shows that 48 per cent of Canadians are interested in economic issues.

A little bit of quick math translates that to mean 17 per cent of — or more than six million — Canadians feel like they don’t have a great understanding of how our economy works, but wish they did.

Are you one of those six million?

If so, this luncheon is a fantastic place to start! Hear from the governor of the Bank of Canada Stephen Poloz himself, as he breaks down the state of our economy in Canada, the factors controlling it, and how the decisions made by the Bank ultimately end up impacting every one of us.

2) Stay ahead of the trends and know what’s coming up

As Canada’s economy continues to slow, and questions about the possibility of a recession continue to rise, the pressure on the Bank of Canada to take action is growing.

The Bank will set its overnight interest rate on April 24, and some are speculating that we could see a rate decrease for the first time since 2015. The Bank has held the rate at 1.75 per cent since October 2018, and has been steadily increasing it since 2017.

Regardless of whether Poloz and the Bank of Canada decide to lower the rate, keep it where it is, or raise it, it would be reasonable to expect Poloz to elaborate on the decision, and what it suggests about the forecast of the Canadian economy, during his talk at our luncheon.

3) Analyze, debrief, and discuss with Winnipeg’s business community

Of course, any major announcement that comes from Poloz’s luncheon on May 6 will make national headlines.

All of Winnipeg’s 700,000 residents will have the same opportunity to read about what was revealed, but only 1,500 will get to be in the room, instantly discussing the information with Winnipeg’s business leaders.

This VIP luncheon with the Bank of Canada and Governor Stephen Poloz is an opportunity to assert yourself as one of those leaders and a voice for business in Winnipeg.

Tickets are limited, so reserve your opportunity to be a part of the discussion today.

VIP Luncheon with the Bank of Canada and ​Stephen Poloz

Monday, May 6
11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg