The ‘Google’ of Winnipeg – Q+A with Bold Commerce, 2018 Spirit Finalist

February 14, 2018
Known as the ‘Google’ of Winnipeg, Bold Commerce is a leader in tools, services, and software solutions focused on eCommerce site Shopify. Of the giant platform’s 80,000 worldwide agency partners, Bold Commerce is the largest.
We sat down with the 2018 finalist for our Wellness and Workplace Culture Award to discuss their definition of success and what our community means to their team.


The Winnipeg Chamber: What excites you about what you do?
Bold Commerce: The most exciting part about what we do is seeing our employees (we call them ‘builders’) grow and develop throughout their careers with us. While our main goal is always helping the client achieve success, our biggest reward is seeing all of the wonderful people under our roof achieve success while they’re at it.

With an average age of around 29, we have a very young staff. The beer on tap, arcades games, ping pong table and high energy work environment are great, however the career development and education opportunities within Bold are extremely valuable to all of our Builders who utilize them.

Watching the team grow and building the company is so exciting, but when we get to stop and think about all the impact we are having on so many families here in Winnipeg, it motivates us to keep doing what we are doing.


WC: What do you credit with your success?
BC: The day the company was formed, all four founders agreed they didn’t just want to build great ‘products’, they wanted to build a great ‘company’. They have always taken a long approach at business, believing that if you give more value than you receive and focus on making your clients and users successful, the company would achieve success.

Every decision made was not about what made Bold the most money, but rather what had the greatest impact on growing the total value of the company.  The big goal being to one day have the huge impact in the lives of staff, and the community.


WC: What do you think of when I say the word community?
BC: To Bold, community is everything. From a philanthropic perspective, Bold is committed to the community and donates 1% of their profit, 1% of product, and 1% of time to local charities. We believe if they’re not making a difference in the community and lives of their staff, we’re not successful.

We have also been leaders in creating a workplace culture second to none. Things that come to mind when people think about Bold are the amazing daily catered lunches, basketball courts, in office gyms, arcade rooms, beer on tap, ping-pong and foosball tables, and working in socks on bean bags while staff fly by on pocket bikes and hoverboards. The Winnipeg Free Press recently did a story on business in Manitoba over the last 150 years for Canada’s birthday this year, and Bold was the cover story!

WC: What does Winnipeg mean to you?
BC: Winnipeg is our home. Although Bold started out in Ile Des Chenes, we have always counted on Winnipeg and the support of the community to help us grow Bold and build an amazing company. Being a part of the Winnipeg community, the energy and the arts has given us an edge in so many ways rather than being in a specific tech hub where attitudes and perspectives are often much different.

Winnipeg has raised some wonderful, intelligent and innovative people who bring so much value to what we do as a company. They have built this incredible culture within the company that has allowed us to grow and achieve success at the rate we have.

Great culture is a place where they can grow personally and professionally and feel they are making a difference. From education funds to mentorship programs, we put great thought into creating this exact environment. We’ve also recently rolled out an employee stock options plan where staff are all owners now too. It’s unlike any other place you’ll see in Manitoba and we truly believe our employees and our community deserves that.


WC: Who do you want to inspire?
BC: Our main goal is to inspire Entrepreneurs. This includes every brand of ‘entrepreneur’ – employees, clients, our greater community. We want to help individuals achieve major success, and we want to inspire others to know that it is possible to achieve this here in Winnipeg. You don’t need to pick up and move to Silicon Valley or Toronto to do this. Our city has the talent. Our city has the support.  Our city has the potential.
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