TELUS Technology Accelerator looking to invest in Manitoba growth stage startups

April 11, 2018

TELUS Technology Accelerator 3 has expanded into Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

TTA3 is currently seeking startups from across Alberta, BC, Manitoba and Saskatchewan with technologies that TELUS can potentially use, integrate or commercialize in the following six priority areas:

  • Next Generation Telecommunications Services – Technologies that will allow TELUS to enable its customers to access and/or generate any content and/or information on any device, anywhere, anytime, for an integrated communications and entertainment experience.
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) – Transportation, Industrial IoT (Oil and Gas, construction, mining, etc.); smart buildings, and agricultural technology (smart farms, etc.) and, analytics solutions built on IoT data.
  • Smart Cities – Technologies that will enable municipalities to capture, process and analyze data from multiple different sources in order to enable timely decisions with regards to city services. Technologies may include software, data analytics, sensors and platforms.
  • Secure by Design – Security tools, information and techniques that support an organization in embedding good cyber-security practices into the full IT lifecycle, including modern DevOps practices.
  • Digital Health and Wellness – Technologies that allow enabling, managing, connecting, securing, and/or analyzing data from health wearable devices and could be integrated with applications enabling health and wellness solutions. TELUS is looking to enable more efficient physician collaboration, or increasing patient awareness and self-monitoring as part of a holistic preventive care plan.
  • The Last 100m Technologies – Technologies that dramatically reduce the cost of providing connectivity to premises at the last 100 meters, while maintaining high levels of reliability and low operational costs.

​For more information and to apply, please visit

Application Deadline: May 4, 2018