Successfully begin integrating mindfulness into your workday

April 16, 2018
What is mindfulness?
The word mindfulness has become a buzz word in our culture as of late. We see reference to it on the front pages of magazines, we hear celebrities referencing it, and we notice people taking courses of study on it. The interesting thing is that many of us are not completely clear as to what this word means and how we can integrate it into our everyday life.
In a world that is operating at the speed of light, the concepts that are conveyed in mindfulness practice are extremely counter-intuitive to the culture we live in. It has been said that the average person checks their phone over 110 times per day, we are working longer, harder hours than we ever have before in history, and the levels of anxiety and depression are out of control. We have been culturally conditioned to believe that our success is equated to doing more, making more, and being more. As a result, we are living in a time where there are extreme pressures on individuals to find a proper work/life balance.
Mindfulness practice invites us to slow down and check in with the present moment. When we are living our lives at such a fast pace, it becomes next to impossible to truly be present. Our minds race from one task to the next and as a result, we end up accomplishing a lot less at a much lower quality.
Mindfulness practice however, becomes a lifestyle that promotes accomplishing more at a higher level by trying less. Some of the results of mindfulness practice are less chances of burn out, higher levels of creativity and innovation, and a renewed sense of gratitude, energy, and passion for life in the present moment. Mindfulness is not simply a check box on your to-do list. It is a practice that must be embodied in your day to truly experience its powerful affects.
How can I implement mindfulness into my day?

I would like to invite you to begin your mindfulness journey by trying a few practices throughout your day today. Notice what changes as a result.

  1. Lunch Break – During your lunch break today, turn off your computer, your phone, and all other distractions. Make your main focus to eat slowly and taste every bite of your food. Appreciate the nourishment you are receiving.
  2. Gratitude – Take a pause break twice during the day and close your emails and other distractions. Close your eyes and bring to mind someone you are truly grateful for. Connect with the feeling of gratitude that you feel for this person. Spend some time being in the feeling of gratitude until your whole body feels it. Take a deep breath and send your feeling of gratitude to this person wherever they may be. You may even choose to reach out to them after by email or phone and express your gratefulness in the present moment.
  3. No Drama – One final practice that will begin to bring more mindfulness into your daily life is to avoid immersing yourself in gossip and drama with your work mates. By avoiding this negative practice, you will find more peace and joy within yourself during the day.

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