Submission to the City of Winnipeg on the OurWinnipeg Review

October 23, 2018


As Winnipeg’s long-term development plan, OurWinnipeg can impact nearly every decision the City makes with respect to land use planning, development and zoning approvals, transportation networks, operating and capital budgets, and taxes and fees.
OurWinnipeg is built on three overarching principles: economic prosperity, sustainable development and social equity. While all three are important to the development of a healthy, growing community, the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce feels economic prosperity must take the lead.

Without a lead priority, planning efforts are unfocused, and conflict between the three principles could result in City Council or the civic administration having difficulty making time-sensitive decisions.

A thriving economy produces the revenues needed to invest in road infrastructure, recreation, water and wastewater treatment, solid waste and recycling collection, emergency services, and green retrofits of city facilities.

Economic prosperity results in higher levels of employment, personal income growth and more opportunities to launch new businesses. It also attracts new residents to Winnipeg through interprovincial or international migration.

Many of the policies in OurWinnipeg are focused on the City’s goal of growing to one million people by the year 2035. Put simply, that growth will only occur if there are more businesses, more jobs and more housing in Winnipeg.

Toward that goal, the Chamber has focused our comments on five topic clusters:

1. Growing Smart and Planning Ahead
2. Growing and Moving – Mobility & Connectivity
3. Growing With The Capital Region
4. Growing Strategically In Special Economic Zones
5. Growing With Purpose – Governance & Tools

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