Six Ways to Support Non-Profits During COVID-19

May 11, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a serious effect on everyone. Our local non-profits in particular are forced to halt or pivot operations for some of Winnipeg’s most vulnerable communities. Non-profits and charities rely heavily on donations from the public to ensure their clientele are looked after. Whether that be large scale fundraising events, or on the patrons attending live shows, festivals, and exhibits.

With the pause of most everyday activities, these organizations could no longer ask for support the same they had in the past. Leaving them feeling discouraged by cancelled events or changes to their regular routines. Non-profits help strengthen our community, whether that be through arts or helping the vulnerable.

As many of us may be unable to support the organizations we hold dear to our hearts, here are a few ways you can still show your support for the organizations you love.

1. Don’t ask for a refund
For many non-profits, especially arts organizations, they have been forced to cancel their yearly events. As you can imagine, this leaves a huge dent in their revenue. If you can, don’t ask for a refund to their events. Instead, think of your ticket as a donation and your way of showing your support during this difficult time.
2. Interact with non-profits online
So many non-profits are going the extra mile and finding different campaigns to keep their audiences engaged. Whether that be virtual tours of their facilities, live sessions, or webinars. Set aside some time to participate in what they are offering. It helps them a lot to see their regular clientele are still thinking about them and interested in what they have to say.

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3. Interact on social media
Like, share, comment on their posts, but also share your own images from events like Folklorama or Folk Fest. These #thowback posts are a great way to boost morale and show your support for the organizations you love.
4. Leave a review
Did you know that approximately 97% of people read online reviews before visiting any business or using any service? This is the perfect time to leave a thoughtful review on Google or on Facebook. Not only will it help them gain an insight into the impact they left on you, but it will also help guide future programming. Your words are powerful, so use them to support your favourite non-profits.
5. Shop
Although many businesses are struggling, many of them have found ways to also give back to the community. Look for opportunities to purchase local, but also give back. Think Fort Garry Brewing – for every purchase of their Celebration Pack, they are donating $3 to the HSC Foundation. Finding ways to support two groups at the same time, is a win-win-win!
6. Donate
If you can, please donate. For non-profits, donations mean everything. It allows them to continue to operate and, in many cases, provide essential care. Even the littlest amount goes a long way. Both United Way Winnipeg and The Winnipeg Foundation have launched COVID-19 response funds to help provide monetary funds to 100’s of organizations they support.

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These are just some of the ways you can help non-profits and charities get through this pandemic. We are a community and in order to thrive forever, we need to stick together.

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Stay safe, stay hopeful, and stay strong, together.