Sacred teachings and robots: emerging leaders tour Red River College

May 1, 2017
​I’ve enjoyed being part of an inspiring and educational program called Leadership Winnipeg. The Winnipeg Chamber and Volunteer Manitoba partner to offer a 10-week program that provides Winnipeg’s young leaders a glimpse into community programs, leadership skill training, and themed tours of Winnipeg’s profit and not-for-profit community.
During our recent visit to Red River College we began the day with a smudge and teaching circle. Elder Mae Louise Campbell and Elder Jules Lavallee shared the seven sacred laws. These spiritual teachings were shared to give understanding to the way First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples of North America are brought back into oneness with their Creator and all of Creation.

Paul Vogt, President & CEO shared the role of Red River College in the community. He spoke to how Red River College is Manitoba’s largest institute of applied learning with more than 200 full-time and part-time programs across nine campuses in Manitoba. Thanks to their continuing and distance education offerings, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and instructors with industrial expertise their graduate employment rate consistently exceeds 94 per cent, with a graduate satisfaction rate consistently exceeds 92 per cent.

The remainder of the day was filled with a campus tour (Technology Access Centre for Aerospace & Manufacturing, Vehicle Technology and Energy Centre, Centre for Applied Research in Sustainable Infrastructure and the Building Envelope Technology Access Centre) and listening Red River College’s faculty guest speakers; Bradley West, Diversity Initiatives Coordinator; Brent Wennekes, Research Manager; Tatjana Brkic, Instructor, Business Administration, Sara MacArthur, Manager, Sustainability Initiatives.

After visiting Red River College, I was left with a sense of excitement for their future students. It’s refreshing to see an openness to spiritual teachings and the numerous innovative technologies being provided in Manitoba’s classrooms. After hearing from Paul Vogt and viewing the facility, there’s no doubt RRC delivers one of the highest quality of educations available. Red River College is clearly working to keep their curriculum on the cutting edge through partnerships with industry and by using state-of-the-art equipment.

interested in experiencing Leadership Winnipeg during the 2017/18 session? Registration is now open to a year of connecting with the organizations and individuals who power our city.
Jackie Schapansky
​Business Resource Manager
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