Ridesharing recommendations for Winnipeg

November 28, 2017
“From the outset, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce has been in favour of bringing ridesharing to Winnipeg – carrying with it increased competition and expanded transportation options for Winnipeggers,” says Loren Remillard, President and CEO of The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. “The Chamber is pleased to provide the City of Winnipeg with recommendations that recognize ridesharing is unique from the taxicab industry, and thus requiring a different regulatory approach.”

The Winnipeg Chamber’s policy recommends that:

  • rideshare fees be structured so companies pay a flat annual fee, with low additional per trip fee;
  • rideshare fees should be in place to recover regulatory costs, not as a city revenue generator;
  • vehicles must pass a safety inspection, but with no restrictions on age or size of vehicle;
  • rideshare entities not be subject to requirements for cameras, shields or emergency lights in vehicles, due to the information sharing platform utilized which makes driver and passenger information known prior to passenger pick up; and,
  • rideshare drivers be permitted to operate with a full Class 5 licence level

While concerns have been expressed regarding the impending arrival of ridesharing in Winnipeg, the experience from other jurisdictions suggests positive economic impact for ridesharing and the taxi industry alike.

Recent data from Mississauga, Ontario reveals an almost 10 per cent increase in taxi dispatches the year after transportation network companies first came to the city. Another U.S study found payroll taxi service employment increased in cities where ridesharing platforms were introduced as compared to the cities that didn’t allow for ridesharing.

“These recommendations will increase consumer choice and provide another income support option for Winnipeggers who may be interested in driving,” says Remillard. “As well, by keeping low flat-fees, the city can encourage the development of the next big transportation network company here in Winnipeg.”

The Winnipeg Chamber’s full policy and rationale is available online.