Reconciliation: continuing on the path

December 14, 2016
​In November following our Business & Reconciliation panel discussion, we told you to expect updates and accountability as our organization learns from others and continues walking the path of reconciliation.

On December 1 we were honoured to be invited to join others walking that path. Our Executive Vice President Alana Cuma was asked to the Foresight Incubator on Indigenous Issues, a day-long conference at Thunderbird House where Indigenous organizations (First Nations, Metis, Inuit and Urban), government departments (federal, provincial, municipal), Regional Health Authorities, community-based organizations, educators and the private sector came together to update each other on their work – and look for opportunities to share our resources and strengths.

Reconciliation is a necessary, unimaginably enormous goal that begins with a simple if challenge act: building relationships. That’s why your Winnipeg Chamber is pleased to participate in events like the Foresight Incubator – not as an organization in charge, but as one learning and partnering with others. We were thrilled to engage in the day’s goals of

  • Exchanging and mobilizing of knowledge on collaborative initiatives in Manitoba;
  • Strengthening connections to existing groups/initiatives, to advance work on important Indigenous issues;
  • Identifying of future potential partnerships and opportunities;
  • Providing insights into better aligned federal policy and planning responses in Manitoba; and
  • Progressing toward greater reconciliation and self-determination.

Our deep thanks go to The Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg and the International Institute for Sustainable Development for facilitating the event – we look forward to the next.