Q+A with the Winnipeg Humane Society

March 9, 2020

The Winnipeg Humane Society is the oldest animal shelter and welfare organization in Manitoba. The WHS relies on supporters and over 700 volunteers that are united in the belief that every animal deserves to be treated humanely. As a not for profit, they are funded primarily by donations.

Our April Member MeetUp will take us to the Winnipeg Humane Society where you can learn more about the work WHS is doing, not only with adoptions, but the number of programming it offers the community.

Picture1. What is one thing the Winnipeg Humane Society does that most people might not know about?

Our progressive approach to animal sheltering is to actually prevent animals coming into our shelter.  Only a few short years ago, the practice was to keep taking in, even when we were out of space. We can do better than manage pet over population by euthanizing. To manage the number of animals (and community members) that need our help, we have invested more in outreach into our community.  This includes behaviour support & training both in person, on the phone and classes. The WHS has numerous programs and services that help meet this end. We are more than pet adoption, our community demands and expects this of us.

2. What is the easiest way for people to get involved in helping the WHS?

We rely on every type of supporter, whether it be financial support, donating items from our wish list, knitting cat blankets, attending one of our signature events (like Paws in Motion – a celebration of pets in our community  – this June 28th), hosting a third party event (garage sale, lemonade stand, bake sale, etc.). We also must sing the praises of our volunteers.  There are over 100 volunteers positions, helping in every area of our shelter.  Without our volunteers or our donors, we could not help our community and community of animals.


3. The WHS hosts a number of events every year. What is one people should keep their eye out for?

We can’t pick only one! We have two amazing events coming up: 1001 Donations takes place March 28. The purpose of this event is for our community to see their donor dollars at work, with glimpses into all the ways we help animals, and to ask for our communities’ continued support.  Without this, we cannot do everything we do.  But, you deserve to learn about everything we do, so please tune in on March 28th by visiting winnipeghumanesociety.ca. We also have Paws in Motion as mentioned above, the largest gathering to celebrate pets in our community. Visit winnipeghumanesociety.ca, we’d love to have you join us!

4. What is one pet toy that seemingly most dogs or cats really enjoy playing with?

Enrichment toys, whether it be for cats or dogs.  This can be as simple as a tennis ball for dogs or fuzzy mice toys for cats. There are toys that slow down a fast eater to puzzle toys that engage a pets mind. Dogs also commonly love kongs and stuffies to tug and play.  Cats also enjoy dangle toys, crinkle balls and good old fashioned cardboard boxes. The happier your pet, the happier the family.  We receive numerous calls to our WHS Behaviour Help Line, most often we give this advice.

 5. What can people look forward to at the Member MeetUp?

To be surprised. When someone comes on a tour of the Winnipeg Humane Society, they are wowed by seeing everything the WHS does.  While the average visitor gets to see our adoption area, the MeetUp includes a behind the scene tour (our back stage area) revealing the programs, services and specific areas of our shelter – including our veterinary clinic and behaviour department –  that go into helping, supporting and caring for over 10,000 animals a year.

Member MeetUp
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