Q+A with Amanda Buhse of Coal and Canary

October 17, 2017
Amanda Buhse, Co-Founder of Coal and Canary Candle Company (known for their high-quality wooden-wick candles) are in the midst of rapid growth – expanding their team and opening a permanent storefront at a high-traffic Winnipeg location. Before she joins us next Wednesday, Oct. 25 as a panelist for our Get Ready to Grow luncheon, she shines some light on her company’s success and growth.

1. Describe the moment you knew you had something.
There have been many moments that have made us feel this way, however the first time we experienced this was when we had our first retailer email us wanting to sell our product wholesale!

2. What are the top three factors that helped your business grow?

  1. Perseverance
  2. Creativity
  3. Hard work!
3. What are your top two highlights of your entrepreneurial journey?

  1. Getting our product into both the Grammy and Academy Award gift bags
  2. Being featured on Forbes.com and being interviewed by Instagram and Facebook for a case study on how to grow a business through social media.
4. What are some things you’ve learned” on your journey though entrepreneurship?

  • Get the right people on the bus, then decide where they’ll sit
  • Office culture is extremely important to not only our staff, but to our brand.
  • Brand is EVERYTHING!
  • Let the experts be YOUR experts – you can’t do it all (we know what we know, and what we DON’T know – get help!)
  • Know what business you’re REALLY in – we are in the business of selling FUN, not candles
  • What solution is your product/service solving? (“People don’t buy 3/4” drill bits, they’re really buying 3/4” holes.”)
  • You can do anything you put your mind to, even if you don’t think you have the proper education
  • Be creative – take risks
  • HAVE FUN! Life is too short​


5. What’s your favourite thing about Winnipeg?
​How incredibly supportive the community is of locally owned businesses. We have the opportunity to travel across the county to attend trade shows each year and Winnipeg continues to blow us away by their enthusiasm, support and incredible local shopping scene!

To hear more of Amanda’s story, join us next Wednesday at our Get Ready to Grow Luncheon at the RBC Convention Centre. Tickets are $53 + GST (member) and $106 +GST (future members).