Q&A: Max’s Restaurant

January 13, 2020
Ahead of our Member MeetUp with Max’s Restaurant on February 13th, we caught up with them to find out a little more about the eatery that has been serving up traditional Filipino cuisine in Winnipeg since 2018.

Tell us a little bit about Filipino cuisine in general; what kinds of food and dishes is the country known for?

Max’s Restaurant has quickly become a buzzword among Filipino food aficionados in North America. Originally located in Manila, Philippines, the Max’s Restaurant chain traces its roots to a country teeming with culture and heritage. Filipino food is characterized by simplicity and flavor. It is almost impossible to put boundaries to the Filipino meal as it is a blend of influences from other cultures, such as Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and American. Max’s Restaurant takes after the innate characteristics of Filipinos – hospitality, generosity and passion for good food. It elevates dining to an absolute experience for the palate.

Max’s Restaurant opened in Winnipeg in 2018; how has it been received by the Filipino community here?

The franchisee & proprietor, Alibin Group Inc. is locally owned by proud Winnipeggers & Filipino-Canadians, the Alibin family. It opened its doors in January 2019, boasting a 170-seat restaurant and 4,500 sq ft footprint located at 1255 St. James Street. To date, Max’s Winnipeg has served almost 100,000 customers since opening.

The primary market of Max’s Restaurant is the Filipino population, which in Manitoba boasts a very high population of more than 100,000 people (census and non-census statistics). It is the biggest Filipino-Canadian population per capita in Canada and Tagalog (Philippines’ official language) is now the second most spoken language in the province. Manitoba has a rich multicultural population and ethnic authentic cuisines are much welcomed by the general Canadian population.

What would you say is the most popular dish at Max’s Restaurant in Winnipeg?

Max’s Restaurant offers classic Filipino favorites like: Kare-Kare/Beef Peanut Stew, Crispy Pata/Crispy Pork Hock, Lumpiang Shanghai, Pancit Canton/Egg Noodle.

What have you got planned for the upcoming Member MeetUp on February 13th? Will people be able to try some of the restaurant’s cuisine?

At The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce February 2020 MeetUp, Max’s Restaurant Winnipeg will take our guests through the Philippines’ history through food storytelling. Max’s Restaurant recipes that have been intricately developed for more than 70 years and given a modern twist to cater to the increasingly discriminating tastes of customers. At Max’s Restaurant, the freshest ingredients are chosen painstakingly, cooked passionately, and served generously. The menu is an exciting anthology of must-try dishes to feast upon.

Member MeetUp
at Max’s Restaurant
Thursday, February 13
Max’s Restaurant (1255 St. James Street)
$10 per person