Q&A: Body Measure

November 26, 2019


Ahead of our Member MeetUp with Body Measure on January 16th, we caught up with them to find out a little more about the company and its changing lives for the better in Winnipeg.

If you could sum up what Body Measure is, what is it? 

Body Measure is the first full service body composition analysis company in Canada. Body Measure provides its clients with in-depth body composition analysis using the gold standard, the Dexa machine. We also offer Fit3D scanning and resting metabolic rate testing. We show our clients their starting point, provide them with the data that they need to achieve their goals, and track their progress to ensure that they are on the right track for their unique, individual body needs.  We are not a quick fix, or filled with empty promises, we offer scientifically based and backed services that improve the lives of our clients.
Who primarily uses your services?

Our services are used by those looking for weight loss, professional athletes wanting to improve their performance, those looking to improve their health and wellness and better understand their risk factors for a variety of chronic health conditions. ​

What got you started in the body measuring world? Was there a need in Winnipeg?

Prior to opening Body Measurewe worked together on a longitudinal research study at the University of Manitoba. Melina was a research coordinator and Erica worked as an x-ray technologist. ​

Part of the research being done, was to have participants get a Dexa scan once everything three years. The Dexa is an amazing clinical and diagnostic machine, that scans the body for bone density, fat and muscle. For the research study, they were looking at bone density. On a regular basis we had study participants ask if we were taking more participants because they knew someone that would benefit from a scan. ​

Over time it became clear that the public needed and wanted access to scientifically based data about their bodies and health. Through our work, we identified an opportunity to fill a gap in the current health and wellness market, with a body composition analysis service.

That was the starting point, we began researching the possibilities, to see if this was being done anywhere in Canada, it was not. Then we looked at other markets in the US and Europe we saw that this was a very popular business.

We poured our hearts and souls into creating a business built on client experience, keenly aware of how much courage it takes for someone to even walk through the door. Body Measure is a safe space, where you are heard, where you are given valuable scientific information about your body and supported in achieving your health goals.

You very recently received the award for the Emerging Entrepreneur Category at the Women Entrepreneur of the Year Awards hosted by Women Business Owners Of Manitoba. What was the experience like to be honoured with this award?

​Winning the Emerging Entrepreneur of the year award with WBOM was an incredible honour. We took a lot of risks and worked very hard to get our business up and running, every day we strive to create an exceptional experience based providing our clients with access to cutting edge information about their bodies, so it was incredible to be recognized by our peers.

Why do you think Members would enjoy coming out to the MeetUp and getting their body measured?

​Body Measure provides the public with access to cutting edge technology that gives you amazing insight into your body! Those attending the Meet Up will receive a Fit3D scan, which provides you with a full 3D image of yourself with all of your circumferences.

Member MeetUp @ Body Measure
5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Thursday, January 16
1086 St Mary’s Rd