Province still considering carbon pricing options

January 18, 2017

Following the adoption of the Pan Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, Manitoba is still considering its options on carbon pricing and climate mitigation. Eight out of ten provinces have already signed on to the Framework, with Saskatchewan and Manitoba being the sole hold-outs. The Framework proposes that if provinces do not design their own carbon pricing mechanisms, a price will be imposed upon them by the federal government.

On Wednesday January 10, the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce held a consultation on carbon pricing and climate mitigation with a small group of stakeholders. Stakeholders represented a broad range of perspectives from the most highly impacted Industries including agriculture, transportation, and building and construction, as well as representatives of Manitoba’s clean tech sector and researchers in the area of climate mitigation and adaptation.

We were pleased to be joined by Premier Brian Pallister as well as David McLaughlin, special adviser to the Premier on climate change. Guests were invited to share their concerns about the framework, or to provide options for revenue recycling in a revenue neutral system. Options for revenue recycling range from carbon emissions reduction to land use and conservation, as well as clean technology investments.

​The dialogue was sincere and productive, and the Chamber will continue to engage with government and industry stakeholders on this file going forward with the aim of designing a simple but effective regulatory framework.