Our ongoing discussion on Manitoba’s economic strategy

May 14, 2018
​“We’re looking to create careers, not jobs.” – Minister Pedersen.

Recognizing the economy’s health is tied to the health of our communities, The Winnipeg Chamber has been an outspoken advocate for a comprehensive provincial strategy to support Manitoba business. We’re deeply pleased with the province’s recent work to build that plan (including a summit co-hosted with The Chamber for private business owners) as we look for action that leverages our strengths, addresses modern opportunities and shares prosperity with all Manitobans.


That dialogue and relationship with Minister Blaine Pedersen and the team at Growth, Enterprise and Trade continues. Today we hosted the Minister, Deputy Minister Dave Dyson and a number of our members for a wide ranging discussion, including

  • Filling out the economic growth strategy, with a particular effort to address Manitoba’s lack of access to capital
  • Changes at Growth, Enterprise and Trade, including increased collaboration and information sharing between the provincial government’s 40 economic development programs (20 live in GET)
  • Evolving the ROI framework that evaluates development priorities
  • NAFTA, carbon pricing, and reinvigorating the public sector

Online submissions to shape Manitoba economic strategy are open until May 18. You can share your insights, priorities and feedback here.