New Member Profile | Wonderful Winnipeg City Tours

October 3, 2017
The Winnipeg Chamber: What does your business do?
Bill Morrissey (co-founder, co-proprietor and tour guide): We provide guided driving tours of Winnipeg, where you will get unparalleled insight into our city’s origins, its many attractions, and why it is one of the best places in Canada to work, live and play.

​WC: What sets your organization apart from others in your industry?
BM: We operate year-round (not just during prime tourism season). We also provide a lot of information during our tours about what makes Winnipeg a great place to live, including our strong, diversified economy and our many iconic local companies.





WC: You’re a tour guide who shows off our city, so what’s your favourite thing to do in Winnipeg?
BM: I love any fitness activity that takes me outdoors, especially golf. Attending Jets’ games or going to a good movie is great.
WC: Why did you join The Winnipeg Chamber?
We wanted to support an organization that advocates for businesses here. We also want to hear presentations by community leaders.

We’d like to network and make a suggestion to other Chamber members: when you bring managers, employees, customers, suppliers or other key stakeholders here for meetings, conferences, presentations or training seminars, we can offer a highly professional, interesting and enjoyable activity for your delegates (and their guests) at a very reasonable price.

We can tailor tours to your interests (length/duration, departure time and location, focal points etc.) and we’d love to help make your next gathering here a huge success – particularly when you are ‘recruiting’ from outside Manitoba for a key position and want the candidate to get a true perspective on why it’s great to live here.

WC: How long have you been operating?
BM: Two months. We launched in July 2017. I’ve always had a sincere passion for our city – something I got to explore as the founder of Yes!Winnipeg –  so doing this seemed like a natural fit. This time I dragged my wife into it! We’ve enjoyed the research and the many new and impressive things we’ve learned. We are thrilled to share it with our guests on the tour.

WC: What’s your best piece of business advice?
BM: Always demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for your business, product or service. Nothing is more convincing!

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