September 7, 2018
In this world of acronyms in which we live, learn, and work, information can easily get lost in translation. For many of you, this headline was probably a breeze: Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT) is hosting the upcoming Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce (WCC) After Business Mixer (ABM).

But what about the up-and-coming generation of professionals who will fuel your businesses and Manitoba’s labour force? They can have all the technical skills in the world but if they can’t comprehend the language of industry (acronyms and all) how can they succeed?

At MITT, we get this. And it’s why we’re a leader in Manitoba when it comes to providing integrated essential and employability skills in every program we offer. Our graduates enter the workforce adept, adaptable, and ready for the realities of their professions.


On Sept. 26, we invite WCC members to enhance their ABM experience by touring our campus, meeting our executive, instructors, students, and staff, and learning first-hand about MITT’s holistic approach to training for careers in trades and technology.

It’s a brand new academic year so bring your business acumen, your networking expertise, and your insatiable curiosity to campus and get ready to learn more about MITT, what we do, and how we can help you.

For WCC members who can’t join us on the 26th, scroll down to brush up on MITT and feel free to connect with us any time at [email protected]



About MITT

MITT provides certificate, post-graduate, and diploma-level technical training for career-oriented post-secondary and secondary students in four specialized areas:

  • Information and business technology
  • Health care
  • Human services
  • Skilled trades

For more than 30 years, industry collaboration has been our forte. Together, we identify skills gaps—both technical and soft—develop curriculum to meet them, and create work practicum opportunities that help students build connections with prospective employers while they learn. We also provide comprehensive career development support, based on industry feedback, to prospective and current students as well as graduates, and we’re a leading provider of continuing education and workforce development opportunities through our Lifelong Learning Institute.

The learning environment at MITT supports the academic, professional, and personal success of our students, led by industry veteran instructors who teach, mentor, and serve as students’ industry connection points. Our campus community is a safe and inviting place where students from around the world can easily access the information and resources they need to excel in their programs and successfully bridge from the classroom to a career.

At MITT, we also offer several unique pathway programs for adult and language learners, including:

  • MITT YouthBuild
  • English Language Institute
  • Adult Learning Centres
  • ESL for qualifying newcomers to Canada


After Business Mixer

Wednesday, September 26
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT)

130 Henlow Bay

BOOTHS: $175 (Members only)

Exhibitor information:

  • Booths are $175 (members only)
  • Includes 1 x 6 ft table with linens and chairs
  • FREE to attend for your staff, clients and network

For additional questions, you can reach our Director of Events, Elizabeth Cron, at 204-944-3308 or by email [email protected].