Minister Bains listens to Winnipeg business priorities

August 2, 2017
Minister Bains and his department are leading the implementation of Canada’s Innovation and Skills Plan, which was the centerpiece of the last federal budget. He was also a key part of the negotiations that led to the new Canada Free Trade Agreement, which will reduce internal barriers to trade. His mandate is to help Canadian businesses grow, innovate and export perfectly in line with The Winnipeg Chamber’s vision to create an environment in which business can prosper.

Minister Bains spoke about several of the programs and initiatives the government is undertaking before opening the floor to questions and comments. Chamber members raised access to capital and talent as two of the most critical ingredients needed to make our economy grow. The needs for smart infrastructure spending and suggestions on NAFTA were also brought up. Collaboration came up many times in the conversation, and how by working together we can make great things happen here. A prime example of that is the proposed EMILI supercluster.

It was a productive discussion with the federal “Minister of Everything” and The Winnipeg Chamber looks forward to continuing the dialogue on how to grow our economy.


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