Manitoba legislature breaks… and questions remain

November 10, 2017


​In the early hours of Friday, November 10 2017, the Manitoba Legislative Assembly wrapped up the Second Session of the 41st Legislature. The second session featured the passage of several pieces of legislation that will affect Chamber members.

While minimum wage went up $0.15 an hour on October 1, the legislation pegging future increases to the rate of inflation was passed this session. Legislation allowing for ride-sharing to come to municipalities and to reduce the regulatory red tape burden businesses face were also passed.

Looking ahead, the Lieutenant-Governor will read a new Speech from the Throne on November 21st, opening up the 42nd sitting of the Manitoba Legislature.  As the government approaches the middle of their mandate, many questions remain unanswered, with some being the product of federal government policies.

The government released details of how they would distribute marijuana recently , but questions remain as to the legal age to purchase, pricing and how much you can possess at one time. As well a flat $25 a tonne carbon price was revealed, questions remain as how the government will spend the revenue. With the federal government saying Manitoba will need to increase that price down the road, that hot topic isn’t going away anytime soon.

There is still much on the provincial government’s agenda, such as improving educational outcomes. The province is in need of innovative ideas, and your Chamber will be there to provide them.


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