Linking Canadian companies to a new talent pool

May 2, 2017


Canadian companies face hiring challenges, especially in areas outside of major cities.  Talent Beyond Boundaries wants to work with Canadian employers to fill their need for loyal, talented employees free of recruitment fees.

Talent Beyond Boundaries was established to connect companies to a hidden, international talent pool: professional and skilled refugees who move to Canada as skilled workers. Thousands of engineers, computer programmers, IT professionals, skilled trades workers, healthcare providers, accountants, teachers and other skilled professionals have been forced to flee their homes and jobs. They want to resume their work, rebuild their lives and contribute to their new communities.

In July 2016, with funding from the U.S. State Department and a Cooperation Agreement with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Talent Beyond Boundaries launched its digital “Talent Catalog” to collect detailed descriptions of the work experience, training, education, language abilities and other special talents of the refugee populations in Jordan and Lebanon. More than 8,000 refugees have registered and UNHCR is conducting targeted outreach to additional UNHCR-registered refugees to meet hiring needs. Employers with hard-to-fill positions may with to consider partnering with Talent Beyond Boundaries and include talented refugees as part of their future workforce.

For additional information, please contact Sayre Nyce, Executive Director, Talent Beyond Boundaries at [email protected].