Let us help promote your business!

June 4, 2019


With a membership of over 2000 businesses from over 100 different sectors, we know our members are doing great things.
Whether it be the launch of a new product to Winnipeg, a staff-led charity initiative, a fundraising event or a feel-good story about something you’re doing in the community, we want to hear about it!

Among other things, The Winnipeg Chamber is a hub of stories where business, government, community and citizens come to find out what’s happening in their city. Without all of our members, we wouldn’t have those stories to tell.

Before you submit your story, consider these three tips.

1. How do you want to be promoted? 
Depending on what you’re looking to promote or share, there are a few different ways we can help. We can offer social media support, publish a Q & A member spotlight on your business, post your event on our member calendar or post your deal or coupon on our website. If you’re wanting to promote an upcoming event, social media posts or a post on our member calendar would be best but if you’re a new business to Winnipeg wanting to promote your services, a Q & A member spotlight would be better suited.

2. Decide what story you want told
Think of when you’re flipping through the newspaper or reading online stories, what makes you stop and read them? Newsworthiness! Although we’re not a newspaper, we pride ourselves on putting out quality content that is relevant and exciting to our members and in turn, helps promote your business.

3. Be thorough
We want to get to know you and what you’re all about. When answering the questions for a member spotlight, give us as much detail as possible. So much so that you’re thinking to yourself “they probably don’t need all this information!” We will edit them down needed. If you’re submitting pre-drafted social media posts, make sure to include any relevant handles and that you’re under the character count for Twitter. If photos and links help better tell your story, include those, too!

Please note: The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to decide what is and what is not posted on all social platforms. This service is only provided to members in good standing.