IKEA’s People and Planet

April 29, 2019


IKEA has ambitious goals to transform its business to be more sustainable. IKEA’s sustainability strategy – People & Planet Positive – outlines these commitments in order to achieve the positive changes the company wants to see in the world through decision-making and goal-setting.   The strategy has three main focus areas to help IKEA fulfill its vision. 

Focus 1: Healthy and sustainable living – The way we live impacts our health, well-being, and the planet. IKEA believes sustainable living should be for the many, not just for the few and strives to offer affordable home solutions and food products that will inspire people to make positive changes in their life.

Focus 2: Circular and climate-positive – Our planet has limited resources, and IKEA is working to further develop responsible sourcing programs, reduce greenhouse gases and build an entirely climate positive and circular business model using clean and renewable resources and energy.

Focus 3: Fair and equal – IKEA wants to be the leader in creating a fair and equal society. It wants to embrace change to make people’s lives better by supporting gender equality and rights and opportunities for groups such as (but not limited to): refugees, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ communities.

To reach these three goals by 2030, IKEA has developed programs to make them easier for people to strive for and for business owners to look up to as something achievable in their business practices.

What solutions does IKEA offer that you or your business can take advantage of?

  1. Free recycling program –Customers can bring in their batteries and old lightbulbs to be recycled safely.
  2. Sell-Back Program – This program allows people to sell back their old IKEA furniture to receive in-store credit. If you are looking to upgrade your office, this program might be a good option.
  3. Waste sorting solutions – IKEA offers a range of recycling and waste disposal solutions you can purchase to ensure waste is being disposed of properly in your building.
  4. Mattress recycling program – IKEA Winnipeg teamed up with Mother Earth Recycling to offer a mattress recycling program although it might not apply to your business, this may be a tip for at home. For anyone who buys a new mattress from IKEA, they can have their used one delivered to Mother Earth Recycling to be separated for different parts.

What is there to gain from implementing IKEA’s People & Planet strategy and solutions?

Creating a healthy work environment is just as important as creating a healthy home environment. By offering sustainable and healthy solutions for your office, you are ensuring a healthy and happy workforce.

These days there are so many options for you to have a greener workplace. IKEA chooses materials that are more responsibly sourced, and you should too. Switching to more energy-efficient products like fridges and LED lights ensures your business is reducing its emissions. Even changing to UTZ certified coffee in the office is a step forward.

For IKEA, being a good business, one that cares for people and the planet, is good for business.  Being inclusive ensures everyone’s work is valued and your team feels they have a voice and can engage with you on important business decisions.

Learn more about IKEA’s smashing success during our May Luncheon with Michael Ward, IKEA Canada President and CEO.