How to track Winnipeg’s prosperity progress

December 14, 2016

At The Winnipeg Chamber, we want business success to translate into shared prosperity for every member of our community. How do we know if that goal is being achieved?

We PEG it – a joint project between the United Way of Winnipeg and the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

Peg (Winnipeg’s Community Indicator System) has been tracking progress on over 60 indicators of wellbeing in our city for the last number of years. The project was developed through an extensive community engagement process with the goal of inspiring action and creating change through tracking key measures of wellbeing.  In order to do this, Peg uses an interactive website with engaging technology, data visualization at both thematic and geographic levels, and stories that bring the data to life.

We were pleased to have our Executive Vice President Alana Cuma attend the December 9 advisory group as this important project develops a new three year plan and fundraising strategy. To find out more and see how you can get involved, head to