How to make the most of your hole sponsorship

May 21, 2019


So, you’ve signed up to sponsor a hole at our golf tournament. You’re excited for a beautiful day out on the course and networking with other business leaders in the Winnipeg community. But have you started to think about how to engage and leave a lasting impression with golfers? Here are five tips to get you thinking in preparation for the Chamber Classic on Wednesday, June 5.
 1. Show, don’t tell. 
Own a business that makes the most delicious pizza in town? Just opened a brand new cycle studio to the city? Offer the best massage therapy services in the city? Show us! Bringing along “props” to show participants what you do is highly encouraged. Think of your time with the golfers as a chance to “sell” your business to someone who may not ever have known about it otherwise. Giving participants the opportunity to smell, touch or feel your products can help them better understand exactly what it is you offer.

2. Giveaways!  
It’s true. Winnipeggers love free things but, before splurging on a variation of promotional items with your company logo on them, think about what might be valuable to an audience of golfers– golf tees, golf balls, a water bottle or bluetooth speaker are just a few great options we’ve seen in previous years. In addition to tangible items, edible items like cookies, drink samples and chocolate are always a hit.

3. Run a contest (then follow up)
Contests are a great way to capture names and contact information for everyone who stops at your hole throughout the day. Like with a giveaway, make sure to chose a prize that is relevant to your audience. Although not everyone can be a winner, think about following up with all those who entered with an exclusive coupon or discount if they visit your store or use your services. You’ve had the chance to tell them about your company, now get them in the door!

4. Have the right people out on the course 
Golf tournaments are all about networking and meeting new people so having the right people behind your booth is an important part. Make sure your staff or volunteers are approachable and enthusiastic and familiar with your key messages and  services.

5. Come prepared
What do you need to keep your booth running for the day? Make sure you’re stocked up with business cards, ballots and promo items to make it through the day. Tournaments are always a ton of fun but they can make for long days on the course– don’t forget your water, bug spray and sunscreen.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for the Chamber Classic, there are still a few hole sponsorships available. Please email [email protected] for the full sponsorship package.


The Chamber Classic
Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Pine Ridge Golf Club
​10:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Individual Golfer– $275 +GST
​Foursome– $1,100 +GST