How is new legislation impacting your business?

June 5, 2017
Manitoba’s Legislative Assembly rose for the summer last week, and will resume sitting in October. We’re keen to collect your feedback on how legislation passed during this busy session has begun to impact your organization, particularly around three key bills:



  • Bill 22, The Regulatory Accountability Act and Amendments to the Statutes and Regulations Act, which requires the provincial government to remove one regulatory requirement for each new one introduced (a “one-for-one” rule). Until March 31, 2021 the legislation goes one step further and requires two regulations be removed for each new one. These changes should help reduce the amount of red tape your business is forced to deal with. You can submit your ideas to reduce red tape here.


  • On January 1 of this year the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) took effect in Manitoba. However several legislative changes were also required, and those were included in Bill 7, The New West Partnership Trade Agreement Implementation Act. With Manitoba’s inclusion, the NWPTA now covers the four Western Canadian provinces, representing a combined GDP of over $750 billion, almost the same size as Argentina’s entire economy. The NWPTA will streamline regulations, and make it easier for businesses to expand into western Canada. The Winnipeg Chamber has long advocated for Manitoba to join the agreement.

Debate will resume this fall on legislation that will affect the future of ride sharing and tuition in this province, to list just two examples. As always the Winnipeg Chamber will be there to ensure the voice of business is heard on Broadway.

For further information on this and other Chamber advocacy initiatives, please contact Director of Advocacy, Michael Juce, at [email protected] or 204-944-3315.