Hilton aims to shift perspectives

October 7, 2019


On October 30, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce will welcome Carol Anne Hilton, the founder of the Indigenomics Institute, for a special keynote presentation and ‘Fireside Chat’ all about Indigenomics.
So, what exactly is ‘Indigenomics?’

“Indigenomics is economics from an Indigenous world view, and an invitation into new actions for economic reconciliation,” explains Carol Anne Hilton. “The Indigenomics Institute is facilitating the evolution of a hundred billion dollar national annual Indigenous economy, and it’s established the concept of an Indigenomics/economic mix with a series of economic levers to support the growth and design of the Indigenous economy.”

In 2016, the annual economic value of the Indigenous economy was estimated at $32 billion, and Hilton and the Indigenomics Institute set a goal – and a challenge – of bringing that number up to $100 billion by 2024.

“I actually think we’re closer to the 100 billion mark than we might think,” Hilton says.

On October 30, The Winnipeg Chamber will host a ‘Before Business Mixer’ in the morning, featuring multiple local Indigenous businesses, followed by the luncheon with Carol Anne Hilton, which will include a Fireside Chat moderated by The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce’s new chair, Jessica Dumas.

“There will be two aspects [to the presentation]; Indigenomics by Design, a call and initiative for new behaviours for economic reconciliation, and the ability to understand and demonstrate the significance of the growing Indigenous economy,” Hilton says.

“I think that the takeaway [from the luncheon] is insight and leadership into the emerging strength of the Indigenous economy, and to be able to see Indigenous people as economic powerhouses and move away from seeing Indigenous people as a burden on the Canadian fiscal system.”

with Carol Anne Hilton

Wednesday, October 30
Fort Garry Hotel
11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m