Hats off to removing the tuition cap

March 22, 2017

If our focus in Manitoba is on education quality and empowering students to be as successful as possible, the recent move by the province to remove the long imposed tuition cap is a big step in the right direction.

Rather than arbitrarily keeping tuition low across the board – for middle and upper income students as well as low-income students – our focus needs to be on removing financial barriers where there’s the biggest need. Robust bursaries and gradated tuition based on income are the best ways to ensure every student, regardless of finances, can reach their full potential with quality education and training.

Our one size fits all approach has hamstrung our post secondary institutions for too long and The Winnipeg Chamber is glad to see this change. (For further reading, we suggest the Winnipeg Free Press editorial Springtime for universities as tuition freeze ends.)