Get to know our Spirit Award finalists: Wellness & Workplace Culture

February 6, 2017
Ahead of the Spirit of Winnipeg Awards on March 10, we’re giving you a closer look at how the finalists in each category are impacting our city. Today’s category: Wellness and Workplace Culture.

The Wellness & Workplace Culture category recognizes practices and enabling conditions for improved productivity, skills, health, and satisfaction for employees.

What does Winnipeg mean to you?
​Winnipeg, and Manitoba, means everything to us.  We are local and are proud to be Manitobans serving Manitobans.  Winnipeg is a small town when it comes to reputation.  Everyone knows everyone and Manitoba Blue Cross is a well-recognized brand. We were very excited to be recognized as #11 out of 30 as a top recognized brand in Manitoba.  It signals to us that we are doing the right things to provide the best products and services to our fellow Winnipeggers.
Winnipeg is home to our firm, the 65 lawyers and 95 staff. Over the past 50 years, we have played a small, but important part in the growth and prosperity of our city and our province. We recognize that our contributions to our community extend past our professional lives. Our team volunteers in their neighbourhoods and helps lead worthwhile initiatives such as Future Leaders of Manitoba. Winnipeg is our home and our future. We work every day to make our whole community better.

National Leasing is a born and bred Winnipeg company. We owe a lot of our success to our city, and we’ve shown our appreciation by regularly giving back through charitable and volunteer initiatives for the past 40 years. We truly <3 Winnipeg!

What excites you about what you do?
​We are Manitoba-based and Manitoba-grown.  We are an independent, not-for-profit organization that puts people and services first. While we are well-positioned as a health benefits carrier, it is our presence in the community which demonstrates the heart of Manitoba Blue Cross. Thanks to the generosity of our employees we are able to participate in events like the United Way campaign, MS Walk, and Casual for a Cause fundraisers. Manitoba Blue Cross donated well over $50,000 in 2016 to local charities and initiatives like the Fort McMurray Fire Relief campaign.
​We are excited by Manitoba’s future. This is our home and it’s where we have prospered as a leading law firm for half a century. We have always held to an optimistic view of this province and its future and we maintain that view today.
We have witnessed Manitoba change and evolve over the decades. With a diverse population and economy, we believe that Manitoba’s best days are in front of it.
National Leasing’s senior leadership team puts their trust in employees to be the expert in their fields. Employees are empowered to make decisions and take projects in the direction they see as the most beneficial for the company. This management approach is incredibly exciting for National Leasing employees.
What do you credit with your success?
​We credit our Board and Executive team, who are highly supportive of organizational efforts to provide a work environment conducive to respect, team work, customer service, community spirit and integrity; all of the values that we commit to on a daily basis.  We also credit our staff of 300+ employees who truly display the “Colour of Caring” brand in all of their interactions with external customers and with each other.
Our firm was established on the principle that an excellent law practice begins with taking a holistic approach to the health of our employees. With this idea in mind, our founders, Reeh Taylor and D’Arcy McCaffrey designed the firm to benefit the social, psychological and physical health of its employees: physically, by providing healthy living activities such as bike equipment during their lunch hour; psychologically, by providing a stress-free quiet room for mental recharging, and socially, by encouraging employees and lawyers of all roles to collaborate openly.
​Our people – National Leasing employees are passionate about everything they do. They’re the reason we maintain so many fun and rewarding employee programs at work, such as daily fitness classes, volunteer and charitable drives and events, sports teams, music clubs, and the list goes on. Our senior leadership team recognizes this passion and drive by empowering employees and giving them the resources they need to continue making National Leasing a great place to come to work every day.
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