Get to know our Spirit Award finalists: Design and Building

February 13, 2017
Ahead of the 8th Annual Spirit of Winnipeg Awards on March 10, we’re giving you a closer look at how the finalists in each category are impacting our city. Today’s category: Design and Building.

The Design and Building category recognizes efforts to create unique, beautiful, and healthy built environments that improve how we experience and interact with our city.

What does Winnipeg mean to you?
Winnipeg defines community, opportunity and a determination to grow. There is a pride in our city that is positive to see and hear.  We are proud to be a part of that.
​Winnipeg is the best possible location for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  Winnipeg has such a rich human rights history – the history of the Forks as a meeting place for Indigenous peoples for thousands of years, the Winnipeg General Strike, the fight for women’s suffrage, the struggle for francophone rights, Louis Riel and Métis rights – the list goes on.
Winnipeg is one of the most engaging cities in Canada. It manages to have the amenities of a big city—with fantastic restaurants, great sports, engaging arts, and a varied music scene—while still offering the friendliness of a small town. It is great to walk down the street and run into an old friend, and walk into a restaurant or bar and know the owner by name. It makes us feel connected to one another, and really fits our license plate motto as a friendly place.
What excites you about what you do?
​At Alt Hotel Winnipeg, we have the amazing opportunity to share our beautiful space with a variety of people and to show our team members and guests how much we care, with a smile and a genuine desire to make their stay and perhaps their day, just a little bit better.
​Engaging Canadians in conversations about lesser-known stories in Canada’s history.  Highlighting Canada’s rich human rights history.  Giving people a different perspective on a human rights issue that they may not otherwise have considered.
We love being a part of the ever-changing downtown, and knowing that we have become a popular fixture of our community. It never gets old to have one of our regulars bring in a friend for the first time—and to see that friend coming back again on their own.
What do people need to know to understand who you are?
Alt Hotel Winnipeg is the first Group Germain property to open in the Western provinces.  Group Germain recognized a great opportunity in Winnipeg and wanted to be a part of the redevelopment and revitalization of downtown Winnipeg. The local and national teams are committed to working with other businesses and individuals to improve the community where we live, work and conduct business.
​The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is much more than iconic architecture; the stories, the people, and the discussions taking place inside the building are at the heart of who we are.  As an “idea” museum, the CMHR begins with a concept – not a collection. Ground-breaking approaches use immersive multi-media, digital interaction, built exhibits, images, film, art and performance to encourage reflection and dialogue on human rights.
Fools & Horses is committed to providing exceptional products in a welcoming atmosphere while doing what we can to be a positive member of our community. We are working to become carbon neutral and waste free, we pay our employees a living wage, and we use our space to support local non-profits organizations and community arts and culture events.
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