Free diversity courses at your business through Manitoba Start (April through June)

March 5, 2018
Manitoba Start offers a wide range of Diversity and Intercultural training for Manitoba businesses and organizations. As the leading provider of career services for newcomers to Manitoba, they address employers’ recruitment needs by matching the unique skill sets of qualified, job-ready newcomers with employers’ specific job requirements.
​They offer customized diversity training for management to frontline staff to meet workplace needs and support organizations in building cultural competence. As a starting point for building cultural awareness, they offer 4 signature courses that build on diversity competency objectives.

Level 1: Defining and Achieving Workplace Cultural Awareness: This foundational course helps participants to become aware of cultural values that affect all workplace interactions.  By explaining in detail the dynamics of culture and diversity and specific cultural aspects that affect the workplace, the course helps participants gain useful strategies that can be applied immediately in the workplace.

Level 2: Workplace Communication:  The Impact of Culture
Taking the foundational knowledge about culture and diversity to the next level, this course explores the impacts of cultural filters to the process of communication. Barriers to effective Intercultural Communications are identified and strategies for overcoming them explored, allowing participants to start applying them to their own workplace situation thus improving their communication with colleagues, clients, and customers.

Level 3: Recognizing Cross-Cultural Conflict in the Workplace
This course focuses on learning to recognize conflicts that may arise within a culturally diverse environment.  Building on the diversity awareness and communication skills courses, this session helps participants to recognize their own cultural ways of dealing with conflict and to examine cultural norms that affect how others see and deal with conflict.  It provides take away strategies and tools that can be applied in the workplace.

Level 4: Engaging your Diverse Work Team (Supervisory)  
Specifically designed for managers, team leaders and supervisory staff, this workshop provides essential tools to assist in supervising diverse employees.  This course explores ways in which cultural values and perceptions affect the process of managing and overseeing employees, and strategies to lead a diverse talented workforce.

We also offer three free one-hour sessions on three different topics:

  • Strategies for Supporting Refugee Employees
  • Intercultural Communication at Work
  • Strategies for a Successful Diverse Workforce

These free courses can be delivered at meetings or incorporated into ‘lunch-and-learn’ sessions.

To request a free session at your workplace or explore Manitoba Start’s signature training programs, check out their Diversity and Intercultural Training website or contact Jaime Chinchilla (Coordinator, Diversity and Intercultural Training) at 204-944-8833 x 165 or[email protected].