Fire safety, business and an alarming recall

November 29, 2016
by Rob Read, Bison Fire Protection

​Kidde Canada has recalled 1.5 Million Smoke Alarms that were manufactured from June 2004 to March 2011. The models involved in the recall are the KN-COSM-IBCA Hardwired Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm with battery backup, KN-COSM-ICA Hardwired Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm (without battery backup). Keep in mind with the 10 year replacement recommendation some of these units will have already been replaced, however taking the minute to verify the dates and models on the back of the unit could truly be a life saver.

The issue is that when the alarm reaches the end of its useful life, it issues an end of life chirp every thirty seconds. If the battery is replaced when the unit is at its end of life (or, if you have a model without a battery backup, if power is removed and then restored to the alarm), and the test button is pressed within 10 seconds thereafter, the unit will no longer issue an end of life chirp providing a false sense of security when the unit is in fact no longer functioning as designed.

Customers should immediately stop using the recalled alarms and contact Kidde for a free replacement alarm. The full recall announcement is here

​If you still have questions regarding your smoke alarms please feel free to contact us at 204 237 3473 or [email protected]