Expand your Network | Tips from Chamber Ambassadors

November 30, 2018

Growing your contacts with the right people can help expand your business and open doors to new opportunities. A good way to meet contacts is to attend local events… you never know who you’ll connect with!

Whether you’re at an industry-specific conference or general meeting, you’ll connect with people who can help you grow and vice-versa.  But what do you do once you get to an event? How can you effectively expand your network?

Here are 5 tips from Chamber Ambassadors to help you effectively expand your network (and business):


Joanne Patenaude
The United Way WinnipegInvest yourself in learning more about the various programs and events that the chamber offers – the more involved you are, the more enriching experience you will have… and donate to United Way!
Doug McGuffin
Eastside CollisionBe willing to give before you ask. The first thing I do is ask the person I’m meeting what they do in their business. Then I go through my internal rolodex of people I know to effectively connect them with to do business.
Jodi Moskal
G&K Electric​Always play the host. It will take your nervousness away. Know that when you approach a stranger to say hello, they are relieved that they are no longer standing alone and they are grateful that you are making them feel welcome and included.
Marco Silvestri
Re/MaxAlways try to meet someone new. Introduce yourself, be confident and stay positive! A good way to start a relationship is to ask the F.O.R.D. questions:

F – Family
O – Occupation
R – Recreation
​D – Dreamds
Harman Dhaliwal
Spa BotanicaDon’t be hesitant – everyone is there to network. Introduce yourself and your business and briefly tell them what you do. Be confident and be open to listen to other people stories too.

​The Power of Volunteers
Our Ambassadors have an insider’s perspective on Winnipeg’s business community and increased visibility for themselves and their business. They are the first to meet new Chamber members and have the opportunity to put their company’s name in the forefront.