Discussing food with Minister Eichler

February 14, 2017
On Tuesday, February 14 we were honoured to sit down with Minister Ralph Eichler to discuss the future of Manitoba’s food sector – one of the four key pillars The Winnipeg Chamber identified for our province’s economic development strategy.

Joined by our Board Chair Wadood Ibrahim (Protegra) and Board Member Lisa Dyck, we were deeply pleased to have a wide ranging conversation with the Minister on critical issues facing the sector – a conversation we look forward to continuing as carbon pricing and possible NAFTA changes loom on the horizon.

Our suggestions included:

  • Evaluating the impact of carbon pricing on ag producers and related industries as part of an overall tax review, since carbon pricing will join a larger tax ecosystem
  • Considering options for carbon price revenue recycling in the sector, notably infrastructure investments targeting flood mitigation and protection
  • Working together on common priorities in the Canada Transport Act Review report for Manitoba
  • Supporting and exploring opportunities for our dairy producers opened by CETA
  • Developing a comprehensive food sector strategy that includes workforce development, access to capital, and supply chain alignment

We’re grateful to connect with a Minister who has deep ties, history and support for Manitoba’s food sector and look forward to future discussions.