Closet helps former prisoners dress for new start

February 13, 2017
Moving from incarceration to freedom is a mental, spiritual and physical challenge. Without supports, it’s easy for people to slip back into old habits and return to prison.

The John Howard Society runs a reintegration program to try and lower recidivism, offering support and resources both inside the various provincial and federal institutions in Manitoba as well as to clients in the community. Their work goes beyond restorative justice and literacy programs to tackle the physical needs of people who sometimes restart life with very little.

Last month they received some welcome support from Canadian Footwear’s Brian Scharfstein, past Chair of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, who helped cut the ribbon on the We Fit You Closet – a clothing centre with retail standard displays and design.

John Hutton, Executive Director at the John Howard Society, shared with the audience of staff, partners and community the long-standing support Canadian Footwear has provided the society. For his part Brian shared the deliberate choice of the name for the resource.

“This is the ‘We Fit You Closet’ because it’s not about a company name – it’s about providing support and dignity for whoever walks in.”