Chamber Luncheons: Be a Part of the Excitement

September 5, 2019


From the time we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep at the end of the day, we expend resources.

Time. Money. Energy.

We sleep (or head to the break room for a third cup of coffee) to replenish our energy, we work to replenish our money, and if there were a way to get even one extra hour in a day, well… I think we’d all move some things around in order to accommodate it.

But what about inspiration?

That ‘lightbulb moment’ you have after listening to someone explain something in a new way, or passionately recount how they pulled themselves back up at their lowest point. The clarity of realizing you can be better tomorrow than you are today.

The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce’s Membership Luncheons are each a unique opportunity to replenish your inspiration.

We carefully select our 10 luncheon speakers to create a diverse and thorough lineup of individuals who, together, cover a full spectrum of topics and give Winnipeg’s business community a monthly opportunity to come together and find new inspiration.

Here are three great ways to get involved with the Winnipeg Chamber’s luncheons in 2019/20:

1. Reserve a seat

The fastest and easiest way to experience what a Winnipeg Chamber luncheon is all about. Chamber members will enjoy 50 per cent off the cost of their ticket, and can save an additional 20 per cent by becoming a Season Seat holder, which will reserve their spot at all 10 of our Membership Luncheons throughout the year. Take a look at our 2019/20 speaker lineup and reserve your spot today!

2. Become a Chamber Ambassador

We call upon our wonderful team of Chamber Ambassadors for a wide variety of things throughout the year, including multiple volunteer opportunities at our Membership Luncheons. If you’re a passionate and active member of The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, we encourage you to learn more about our Ambassador program and submit your application!

3. Sponsor a luncheon

There are always multiple sponsorship opportunities available for each of our luncheons. Be strategic and single out one or two luncheons with a speaker that you know will bring in a crowd full of people interested in learning more about your organization. Table sponsorships are always available, but if you’re interested in something more significant like being the Title Sponsor of our event, reach out directly to our investor relations coordinator Sean Angus.

However you choose to get involved with our Membership Luncheon series in 2019/20, we hope you’ll find inspiration in the words of our speakers, and motivation in being a part of the gathering of Winnipeg’s growing business community to help one another achieve their goals.